Beerwulf taps from marketplace keg

Beerwulf embraces the marketplace model. This month, the beer webshop affiliated with Heineken will start using a new online platform that offers space for external sellers.

Katinka Bezemer, lead marketplace of Beerwulf, reports this during Shopping Today. Beerwulf started in 2017 as an independent innovation project of Heineken. In 2019, the company officially came under the big green flag and it is the direct to consumer webshop of the beer giant. The new platform also allows other breweries to sell via Beerwulf.

‘A wide range of beers is extremely important’, explains Bezemer about the choice to open up the platform. ‘The combination of runners and unique beers keeps people coming back. But purchasing takes a lot of time and it is a challenge to keep stock. With the marketplace model, we spread the risks with the partners. Moreover, with beer it is interesting to be able to offer the latest beer straight away.’

The marketplace does not only mean that more and more diverse beer will flow at Beerwulf, it will also lead to a broadening of the range. According to Bezemer, we don’t have to look for it in wine, for example. ‘Beer is our product. But you can think of glasses and snacks. We are in talks with parties who want to offer accessories for the home bar, such as bar stools.’ The partners’ beers will not be available for home tapping, but will be sold by the bottle.

Beerwulf charges a commission to sell on the platform, and provides additional modules with services such as invoicing, shipping and customer care. More services are expected to be added later. Initially, the marketplace will only start in the Netherlands, and with one partner, which Bezemer does not want to reveal yet, but it is certain that it is a brewery. The long-term goal is to connect as many partners as possible.

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