how to do Sim Swap on Telkom?

Tele2 subscribers can now replace their SIM card remotely without leaving their homes. This feature will allow customers to reduce contact with people and travel around the city.

Replace SIM card remotely

In the context of the pandemic, it is important for the company to provide customers with the opportunity to resolve issues in a convenient format while observing the measures to prevent coronavirus. For the period of quarantine measures, Tele2 temporarily introduced a service for the remote replacement of SIM cards in 31 regions. In the very first days, it became popular with Moscow subscribers. They also like to replace a SIM card remotely in Perm and St. Petersburg. The company admits the possibility of expanding the geography and extending the validity of the service.

How to replace a SIM card remotely: what to do?

Previously, if a card was lost or broken, it could be replaced only when the client contacted the communication salon directly. Now the operator’s subscriber can call the Tele2 hotline and inform the contact center employee about the problem. The operator will check which communication stores the subscriber can contact, and if the delivery is convenient for the client, he will offer to replace it remotely.

At the same time, the courier service of the Tele2 online store delivers SIM cards.

The service for remote replacement of a SIM card is valid in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Izhevsk, Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary, Arkhangelsk, Veliky Novgorod, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Pskov, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk , Omsk, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Orenburg, Perm, Salekhard, Syktyvkar, Tyumen, Khanty-Mansiysk, Chelyabinsk, Voronezh and Lipetsk.

Independent connection to the telecom operator

During the pandemic, it is important to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. Earlier, in all regions of its presence, the operator launched the possibility of self-connection in communication stores. In the Tele2 retail network, the client can choose a number without contacting the seller, take a SIM card for free and activate it at home. In addition, customers order a card in the operator’s online store, choosing a contactless delivery service.

The Ministry of Communications of Russia classified operators as continuously operating organizations that provide services critical to the population. Therefore, 87% of communication stores and modules continue to work during the period of high alert and are open to customers. At the same time, the company complies with all recommendations for protection against coronavirus. For example, sellers are given disposable medical masks and hand sanitisers, and dividing lines have been drawn in communication stores to ensure that customers maintain the required social distance.

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